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Meet The Fictionals: The women who inspire us!

International Women’s Day is just around the corner on March 8, so we want to spotlight the amazing ladies we have in our lives in our latest Meet The Fictionals. Thank you for the love and guidance!

“A woman who inspires me is my sister. She’s got the biggest heart of anyone I know. Yet, she is also tremendously strong. She has a magnet that says “don’t you mistake my kindness for weakness.” I love that.” – Dan Dumsha

“My mother is my inspiration. She is the greatest woman I know. She has the kindest heart, most down-to-earth soul, and is a strong force to be reckoned with. Not every women gets to have a mother like her or even a friend. I always take her advice because she has a good head on her shoulders. Her and my father are the greatest part of my life and I’m so happy at how lucky I am to have them here with me. I look up to my Mom, always have and always will. ” – Rae Lynn Carson


“An inspiring woman in my life is my own mom. She’s been through cancer, two hip replacements, cataract surgery, and 42 years of marriage. Through everything she has stayed upbeat and positive about life.” – Scott Antifave

“My mom is my greatest inspiration. She’s an artist and graphic designer. She is tireless in her creativity and drive, and she is the most supportive force in my art and life. There’s never been a time in my journey that she hasn’t been there for me or my sisters. My sisters are equally as inspiring, they’re all incredible forces of women I’m fortunate to know and love. Even if they weren’t my family, I’d want them in my life as friends. I don’t know where I’d be without them nor do I want to.” – Sarah Dawn Pledge

“I am inspired by women who fight the everyday, extraordinary and sometimes heartbreaking battles. I heard a story about a young, single mother from Montreal whose child died suddenly while playing. Due to the careless expert testimony with no due diligence, she was blamed for the death and was forced to give up her second child upon birth two years later. Despite circumstances that would have most throwing in the towel, she persevered. This mother continued to live her life in a positive direction, and was eventually exonerated. She now lives peacefully with her family. When I heard this story on the radio, I caught myself on several occasions shaking my head in awe as she described her struggle and successes. This mother and her story are truly inspiring.” – Brad Rossington

“My partner Genny is the most inspirational woman I know. She works hard at her job, makes time for art, exercise and reading, and always puts a smile on my face. Genny encourages me to be a better man, and I am very grateful for that.” – Daniel Chai

We’re also celebrating a bonus International Women’s Day on March 15 at The Rio Theatre! Join us for Ladies Against Humanity featuring an all-star, all-women cast of comedians!


Meet The Fictionals: Favourite Valentine’s Films!

Love is in the air and on the big screens this time of year, as moviegoers get romantic for February. If you’re stuck for what to watch this Valentine’s season, here are some suggestions for The Fictionals!

“My fave movie in almost any category is the Princess Bride because it’s got it all: action, adventure, love, betrayal, humour and a little bit of magic!” – Sarah Dawn Pledge


“I don’t usually watch movies more than once, but Moulin Rouge is an amazing love story with very iconic music.” – Dan Dumsha

“My favorite Valentine’s Day movie is Castaway, a heartwarming tale about a man, standing in front of a volleyball, asking to be loved back.” – Scott Antifave

“One of my top Valentines film choices is Deadpool. I love the wierd and oddly romantic feel of the whole story. There’s a realness to it that’s unlike most ‘love’ relationship stories you see in the average movie. Now I don’t want my partner to pull a candy ring out of his bum as part of his proposal, but to me that seems a lot more realistic than a lot of love stories you see these days. I also just ‘Marvel’ over a good superhero flick!” – Rae Lynn Carson


“Me and Valentine’s Day do not jive. We had falling out about 6 years ago. We tried to mend the fences on a couple of occasions but every year Valentine expectations just got more elaborate and expensive. So now I celebrate Anti-Valentines Day 364 and 1/4 days of the year. If I had to pick a movie that I would watch on Anti-Valentine’s Day, it would be the Faulty Tower TV Series. It has everything; romance, comedy, slap-stick, comedy, drama, dramatic comedy – you name it.” – Brad Rossington

“I like watching Love, Actually on Valentine’s Day. It has the word love in the title, and it reminds me that I need to finish my Christmas shopping.” – Daniel Chai

What are your favourite Valentine’s films? Send it to us at fictionalscomedy@gmail.com and you could win tickets to an upcoming Hot Improv Tuesdays or Improv Against Humanity.

Meet The Fictionals: Our Wishes for 2017!

The new year has just begun, and already so much has happened! Vancouver survived Snowmageddon, Ed Sheeran earned his first Billboard Hot 100 #1, and a pair of T-Rexes got engaged! The Fictionals are excited for whats to come in the next 365, and we wanted to share with you some of our wishes for 2017.

“My wish for 2017 is for more acceptance. Accepting differences, accepting outsiders, accepting improv offers. We’re all on this spinning rock together! Inclusion is better than exclusion – in 2017 I want to find ways to be more inclusive and accepting.” – Dan Dumsha


“A wish I have for 2017 is to continue to grow and flourish as a full time artist. I feel so fortunate to get to do what we do and I’m constantly challenging myself to get better, go deeper and learn new skills, so more of that.” – Sarah Dawn Pledge

“I wish that the wave of destruction doesn’t leak into Canada.” – Scott Antifave

“My wish for 2017 is to achieve the goals I set for myself, and to do what scares me the most. I want to push myself even harder this year because I know my worth and it hasn’t hit its potential. I want to be a strong and inspiring human being. I want to open up people’s points of views and bring light to darkness when possible, more than ever before.” – Rae Lynn Carson

“My wish for 2017 is the opportunity to see more of this beautiful world of ours, and to connect deeper with the beautiful people who live on it.” – Daniel Chai


“Obviously I’d start with wishing for endless wishes (that’s the rule), but after that I’d get more specific. Last year was so tumultuous, so my hope is that 2017 is a little more laid back. That said, I’d like to see those crummy events stimulate those who have been on the fence about becoming involved, be it politically or otherwise, to take up a cause. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but just a thing, any issue that people feel passionate about. That is a goal I’ve set for myself and I’m excited to see where it takes me.” – Brad Rossington

What are your wishes for this new year? Send it to us at fictionalscomedy@gmail.com and you could win tickets to an upcoming Hot Improv Tuesdays or Improv Against Humanity.