The Fictionals offer improv workshops – online or in-person – for corporate team building and private events of all sizes. Let us create a customized workshop focusing on teamwork, brainstorming, storytelling, and other areas you’d like to focus on. We also offer private classes for all ages based on performance skills, improv comedy techniques, and more.

Co-founder Daniel Chai led weekly improv workshops at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for three years. He has also taught workshops for Clio Practice Management, employees of the City of Richmond, students at Burnaby North Secondary, among other companies and special events.

For more information or to book a workshop, please email with the following information:

  • Company or private event that you represent
  • Skills and areas you want workshop to focus on
  • Date and location
  • Estimated time of proposed workshop
  • Number of attendees
  • Desired length of workshop
  • Special requests
The Fictionals workshops
Daniel Chai leading an improv workshop for MOMENTUM Youth Arts Festival.

We are also available to perform at your upcoming corporate or private event! Contact us for more details here.

Improv Workshops Testimonials:

Zoom improv workshop

Daniel Chai and The Fictionals have created an Improv workshop in a Zoom bubble that is safe, supported space that enables participants to be creative while having fun. Daniel’s high energy and improv experience made him an ideal teacher and guide. We very much enjoyed the workshop that provided us with insights and a few life lessons! ~ David Feldhaus, Speak with Confidence Toastmaster Club #7966

My team had a fantastic time learning about improv with Daniel. His workshop was fun, engaging, and informative. We walked away feeling like we had learned some valuable fundamental principles of collaboration and communication. We also hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time! I would recommend this workshop to any team looking to collaborate more, spark creativity, and have some fun at the same time. ~ Allison McGerrigle, Clio Practice Management

“Daniel from The Fictionals led a two-hour improv workshop with the DAREarts grade 8 youth. He was warm, friendly, and hilarious. Because of his positive demeanour, the youth warmed up to him quickly and got right into the activities.

Daniel provided many challenging and dynamic activities for the youth to stretch their imaginations and practice saying yes to themselves and each other. He was flexible and accepted feedback from the youth throughout the day. Everyone was encouraged to take positive risks and they did just that. We are looking forward to bringing Daniel on again in future and highly recommend his workshop..” ~ Heather Prost, DAREarts

“Our group spent an enjoyable hour playing, experimenting, moving, laughing, and learning more about supporting each other in a performance environment. I was particularly impressed with the way Daniel and The Fictionals worked at integrating some aspects of our festival into the session, using circus rings and our juggling skills to improve the flow of some of the games. Daniel created a very safe environment for everyone to participate, including those of us who were soft spoken or challenged by the speed.  Daniel’s skill and expertise gave all of us, with our wide range of ages and stage experience, a session to be remembered, and one that I can highly recommend for any and all groups in need of some improv play!” ~ Christa Giles, President, Madskillz Vancouver Society

The Fictionals corporate workshops
Leading an improv workshop for Clio Practice Management.

I would definitely recommend these workshops to anyone looking to improve their overall confidence, polish their public speaking skills, or just to have a good time!

“The Fictional’s improv workshops have all been eye-opening and engaging. We played awesome games, learned stage etiquette, and got up close and personal with the actors and our friends. Each separate time I attended, I felt more skilled and more confident in my improv and general performance abilities. These workshops have a home on my acting resume.” ~ Andie Lloyd, Momentum Youth Arts Festival

I enjoy coming to Kwantlen Improv because it is a completely inclusive environment, and each and every person involved comes with a completely unique approach. After just a few classes, I felt more comfortable sharing my ideas with others, and I feel as though it has upgraded my acting and communication skills ten-fold. Daniel is an excellent guide along the path to improv glory – he makes you feel completely at ease with every scenario you’re asked to perform. I would definitely recommend these workshops to anyone looking to improve their overall confidence, polish their public speaking skills, or just to have a good time! ~ Karliana DeWolff, Kwantlen Improv student

The Fictionals improv class for City of Richmond
Leading an improv workshop for City of Richmond employees.

Workshop was fun, engaging, and informative.

“Daniel took a group of somewhat straight-laced engineers, some of whom were pretty scared to give improv a try, and turned them inside out!  The whole group had so much fun and laughed all night long. We had a blast!” ~ Leah Ringwald, City of Richmond

I decided to take up the Kwantlen Improv workshops as a means to step outside of my comfort zone and broaden my experiences with theatre and the expressive arts. I can say that these goals are actively being achieved with each new day. Daniel’s passion for facilitating engagement and contribution from the group while ensuring we are performing within our capacities is commendable and truly valued.

I would recommend anyone who has a zeal for self-expression and art to join this workshop! It is a safe and inclusive environment for all, even those with little to no previous improv exposure like myself. Kwantlen Improv has been an experience unlike any other I’ve had the privilege to take part in. I find myself growing each week with newfound appreciation for diversity in expression and interpretation. ~ Shahina Hakik, Kwantlen Improv student

The Fictionals improv workshops
Hosting an improv workshop for Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Thank you for coming in and having a workshop with the students! Your openness and friendliness helped them warm up and allowed them to enjoy the class. There was a lot of great feedback from the students that they had fun with the activities. I know it takes a lot of courage and energy to step in front of a new class with students you’ve never met before and rally them to join you, so I thought you did a good job rising to that challenge.  ~ Rae Lethbridge, Royal Canadian College

Thanks for the workshop, Daniel. It was so much fun inspiring. It helped me practice impromptu talks in order to take it to another level..  ~ Harry Zhang, Toastmasters

Daniel Chai’s Kwantlen Improv workshops are fun, engaging, and an excellent place to meet new people and make new friends. Daniel instills a sense of acceptance, humour, and creativity that helps participants break out of their shells and explore the imagination as an individual and as a group. Everyone should at least try the workshop once and experience the excitement during and the euphoria after. ~ Tom Radcliffe, Banana Jam

The Fictionals improv workshops
Kwantlen Improv workshop participants

There was a lot of great feedback from the students that they had fun with the activities.

Daniel is one of the most helpful teachers I’ve had since graduating high school. I will usually have one or two chats with Daniel per workshop, during the break and after class, where he gives me a generous amount of his undivided attention to provide constructive yet uplifting feedback. On my phone are notes full of things I’ve learned during the class that I refer to every couple of days to try and keep in mind throughout my day.

I would highly recommend this class to any of my friends. I definitely feel that the class is helping me with my social confidence and moving along with my gut feeling rather than suppressing it. Aside from all the personal stuff, the class is just really fun overall! I love all the games we play, it really helps take the edge off before getting into scenework. It’s a very open and safe space.

Thanks for doing what you do, Daniel! I appreciate you.

~ Johnny Papan, Kwantlen Improv student

I am incredibly grateful for Daniel’s warm welcome and patience during the Kwantlen Improv workshops. Daniel is a true professional at his craft. He teaches with ease, yet really pushes you to be yourself. He helps you overcome any thought process obstacles with fun exercises for stronger storytelling and character building.

I learned how to be more confident when presenting, and also learned to be more willing to “say yes” with my creativity and problem solving approaches. I have been to other professional improv classes before, and Daniel’s class is by far one of the best I have been to.

It is great that KPU has improv classes like these and we are lucky to have Daniel teach them! Thank you! ~ Chantelle Morzo, Kwantlen Improv student