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What people are saying about The Fictionals!

“This high jinks-filled interactive improv series put on by TheFictionals troupe is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone… You can’t have more politically incorrect fun.” — Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver

“The Fictionals definitely keep the audience captivated.” — Vancouver Is Awesome

“The Fictionals displayed an impressive range of styles, from straight-up improv, to singing and dancing… Some truly inspired moments that took me by surprise.” — Vancouver Weekly

The Fictionals Live at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver

“Their performance blew away my expectations. Absolutely hilarious, deftly cheeky, with just the perfect amount of personalization to tie everything together – this was the perfect addition to our event. Personally, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of The Fictionals!” — Shawn McLaughlin, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Canadian Western Trust

“The Fictionals were the best choice we could have made for our wedding. They involved the audience, making everyone feel right at home, and helped us take a hilarious trip through our past by developing a skit around our first date. Daniel accommodated our every need – he was always quick to respond, and most importantly he asked all the right questions to help us have a totally successful event. Funniest and most intimate show we’ve ever seen, we loved it!.” — Elizabeth Ponce, Bride

The Fictionals Improv Workshops.

My team had a fantastic time learning about improv with Daniel. His workshop was fun, engaging, and informative. We walked away feeling like we had learned some valuable fundamental principles of collaboration and communication. We also hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time! I would recommend this workshop to any team looking to collaborate more, spark creativity, and have some fun at the same time.”  Allison McGerrigle, Clio Practice Management

Thank you for coming in and having a workshop with the students! Your openness and friendliness helped them warm up and allowed them to enjoy the class. There was a lot of great feedback from the students that they had fun with the activities. I know it takes a lot of courage and energy to step in front of a new class with students you’ve never met before and rally them to join you, so I thought you did a good job rising to that challenge.”   Rae Lethbridge, Royal Canadian College