Meet The Fictionals: Favourite Valentine’s Films!

Love is in the air and on the big screens this time of year, as moviegoers get romantic for February. If you’re stuck for what to watch this Valentine’s season, here are some suggestions for The Fictionals!

“My fave movie in almost any category is the Princess Bride because it’s got it all: action, adventure, love, betrayal, humour and a little bit of magic!” – Sarah Dawn Pledge


“I don’t usually watch movies more than once, but Moulin Rouge is an amazing love story with very iconic music.” – Dan Dumsha

“My favorite Valentine’s Day movie is Castaway, a heartwarming tale about a man, standing in front of a volleyball, asking to be loved back.” – Scott Antifave

“One of my top Valentines film choices is Deadpool. I love the wierd and oddly romantic feel of the whole story. There’s a realness to it that’s unlike most ‘love’ relationship stories you see in the average movie. Now I don’t want my partner to pull a candy ring out of his bum as part of his proposal, but to me that seems a lot more realistic than a lot of love stories you see these days. I also just ‘Marvel’ over a good superhero flick!” – Rae Lynn Carson


“Me and Valentine’s Day do not jive. We had falling out about 6 years ago. We tried to mend the fences on a couple of occasions but every year Valentine expectations just got more elaborate and expensive. So now I celebrate Anti-Valentines Day 364 and 1/4 days of the year. If I had to pick a movie that I would watch on Anti-Valentine’s Day, it would be the Faulty Tower TV Series. It has everything; romance, comedy, slap-stick, comedy, drama, dramatic comedy – you name it.” – Brad Rossington

“I like watching Love, Actually on Valentine’s Day. It has the word love in the title, and it reminds me that I need to finish my Christmas shopping.” – Daniel Chai

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