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Improv X Theatre rewinds Vancouver Fringe on September 26 with the help of Chris & Travis!

Our monthly comedy mashup returns to Cafe Deux Soleils on Tuesday, September 26 with a look back at the recent Vancouver Fringe Festival 2017! To help us improvise and celebrate everything theatre, we’re joined by award-winning duo Chris & Travis!

Chris & Travis Poster

Travis Bernhardt and Chris Ross scribble outside the lines of improv comedy with their high energy, hilarious, and surreal two-man show. Their extreme physicality, endearingly strange characters, and commitment to entertain *by any means necessary* have surprised and delighted audiences across Canada. They recently were awarded the Pick of the Fringe at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2017, with a holdover show on Sunday, September 24 at Performance Works!

We will be inspired by Chris & Travis, the Fringe, and other theatre works on September 26 at Cafe Deux Soleils! Join us for comedy on Commercial starting at 8 pm – tickets just $7 or $5 for students!

Hot Improv Tuesdays

Ask Me Anything: Up Periscope with Fringe artist Megan Phillips on September 19!

Vancouver Fringe season is in full swing all over Vancouver, and we’re excited to get Intimate and Interactive with one of our favourites at Cafe Deux Soleils on September 19: Periscope’s Megan Phillips in Ask Me Anything!

Megan Phillips 1

Megan Phillips is an actor, producer and Fringe veteran. She holds a BA (Music Hons) from the University of Western Ontario, an MA (Musical Theatre Performance) from Mountview Academy in London, UK, and studied at Circle in the Square in NYC. The show she co-wrote and starred in at Toronto Fringe, People Suck, won Patron’s Pick, Best of Fringe, Ed Mirvish Award.

Megan has written and toured solo shows for the past 3 years over the Fringe circuit, including the Vancouver Fringe 2017 production of Periscope. She teaches singing, drama, and Comedy for Confidence courses, runs a regular comedy night called The Anxiety Show, and really, REALLY loves wombats.

Hot Improv Tuesdays

We’re excited to chat with Megan about the life of a Fringe artist at Cafe Deux Soleils, and you’re invited to join the conversation! Doors at 7:30 pm, show at 8:00 pm, and tickets just $7 or $5 for students! More info on Hot Improv Tuesdays here!

Arms Akimbo takes on Vancouver Improv Fight Club on September 12 at Cafe Deux Soleils

Cafe Deux Soleils transforms into Vancouver Improv Fight Club on Tuesday, September 12 when comedy troupe Arms Akimbo rolls onto Commercial Drive!

Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo- Akimbo is a human position in which the hands are on the hip and the elbows are bent outward or bent or bowed. This Zippy Zany troupe is comprised of Jessie Marie, Michael Sousa, Lisa Quinn and Bryan Clark! The group met and continues to jam throughout various workshops/classes all around Vancouver, including VTSL, Instant Theatre, QueerProv and Blind Tiger.

A mysterious troupe with a zany mission: to capture VIFC gold! But in order for them to do that, they will have to get through the quintet of Jullian Kolstee, Jennifer Pielak, Julia Helen Church, Jeff Cooper and DK Reinemer!

Who will win in the comedy showdown at Cafe Deux Soleils? Join us on September 12 to decide for yourself. Doors at 7:30 pm, action starts at 8 pm. Tickets just $7 or $5 for students.

Vancouver Improv Fight Club