Improv Against Humanity – How to properly play Pick 2 and Pick 3 black cards.

Less than one week away until the next Improv Against Humanity extravaganza at the Rio Theatre! On Wednesday, Feb 19th, we’re breaking out the Pick 2 and Pick 3 cards for the very first time in IAH history, and to make sure all our live Cards Against Humanity tournament players are on the same page, here is the proper way to play the multiple choice cards.

Step 1: Card Czar reads out the Black Card.

Step 2: Select the first card from your hand that will fill in the 1st Blank.

Step 3: Select the second card from your hand that will fill in the 2nd Blank. Place it underneath the first card, so it’s quick for The Fictionals to read out loud to the audience. (If it’s a Pick 3, place third card selection at the very bottom.)

Step 4: Hand in your card combination. You’re one step closer to being crowned the Most Horrible Person in Vancouver!


All brand-new black cards inspiring our Cards Against Humanity live show = a brand new #IAHatRIO experience on Wednesday, Feb 19th at the Rio Theatre! Award-winning comedy, sweet prizes to be won, and so much more! Pick up your advanced tickets HERE and save yourself a few dollars off of the door price! And for more up to date Improv Against Humanity information, join the official #IAHatRIO Facebook event.

And remember: Stay Horrible!

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