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Photo Recap: Vancouver Improv Fight Club – Battle of the ‘Burbs

Did you miss Vancouver Improv Fight Club – Battle of the ‘Burbs between Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos? Then you need to catch up on all the action by checking out our mini photo review!


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Show Recap: Vancouver Improv Fight Club – Battle of the ‘Burbs

Last night’s amazing fight between Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos at Cafe Deux Soileils marked the debut of a few new additions to Vancouver Improv Fight Club. Not only did we launch the new “Suburbs” division of VIFC, and have our very first “Ref’s Challenge” ever, but we also saw our very first “Short Form” vs “Long Form” matchup.

The competitors from Port Coquitlam and New Westminster brought their A-Game in the hopes of being crowned champion, and accepted the challenge of playing with a last minute addition to their rosters – courtesy of Chip Ellis and Jennifer Perrin. Unscripted Chaos unleased a 20 minute set featuring a visit to the doctor because of a misplaced hamster ball, a director scene involving an Ent, and a song about beautiful eyes. Sudden Death Improv countered with scenes involving a cave with a door, running through the woods and having your clothes melt off, and catching a fish straight from the audience.

It was a hard fought match, but at the end of the fight it was Unscripted Chaos who was crowned the first ever Boss of the ‘Burbs. They will return at a future VIFC show to defend their title against another improv troupe from the suburbs.

Last but not least, many thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy Vancouver Improv Fight Club each month. Our competing teams and the Fictionals appreciate your support of live comedy in Vancouver!


Stay tuned for more pictures of the show!



Five Reasons To Come Enjoy Vancouver Improv Fight Club: Battle of the ‘Burbs

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 13th), two amazing groups from far-away lands (at least 30 minutes by transit) will make their way down to Vancouver Improv Fight Club at Cafe Deux Soleils to strut their stuff, and we hope you’ll be there. If you need more reasons than a night of hilarious comedy mixed with head-to-head combat, here are five important reasons why:

1) The event marks the debut of a brand new championship in the Vancouver Improv Fight Club title stable: King of the ‘Burbs. The winner of the first ever Battle of the ‘Burbs will come back and defend their title at a future event against a new challenger from parts unknown!

2) You will be treated to a short-form improv set by New Westminster’s Unscripted Chaos. Founded in 2010, Unscripted Chaos is made up of six performers who will showcase a series of games and activities designed to test the groups’ mind, wit and skill. Many of these activities incorporate audience participation and interaction into the scenes, so come prepared to be a part of the action.

3) Also making their way to the ring is Sudden Death Improv, hailing from Port Coquitlam. Sudden Death Improv is a dynamic new “Time and Inspiration” format from one of the creative minds behind Second Storey Theatre and Table 23, founded in 1999. For Vancouver Improv Fight Club however, SDI will be flexing their long-form improv muscles, weaving stories and scenes together during their 20 minute set.

4) Tomorrow night will see a special “Ref’s Challenge” being issued to both competing teams. Neither team will know what the challenge is until it is announced during the show, and both will have to accept and incorporate the challenge into their improv set. What could it be? Be there and see for yourself!

5) We will be giving away tickets to our next Fictionals show: Show Us Your Wits celebrates World Theatre Day on Tuesday, March 27th. Fun show + free stuff = awesome!

As always, we look forward to sharing laughter with you tomorrow at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Dr). Doors at 7pm, show @ 8pm. Tickets just $5 at the door!

Much love!

~ The Fictionals