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The Fictionals throw down with Treble Makers and Virginia Jack at Cagematch on December 23!

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and we’re heating things up with another comedy showdown in Instant Theatre’s Cagematch at Havana Theatre!

Three groups enter Cagematch on December 23 to showcase their unique brand of longform improv. We’re defending our title belt against Treble Makers and Virginia Jack, with your votes deciding who returns! Plus we’re unveiling a new format called “The Technique”!

Treble Makers

The Treble Makers are Stephanie Arnold, Willow Edwards, Robert MacKie, Allison Melech, Julie Ann Panneton, Rafael Pellerin, Tom Radcliffe, Jeff Wolverton, and Chris Wood. Songs, scenes and even dance appear on stage in a burst of glory with the help of special musical guest Jeff Gladstone.


Virginia Jack are Briana Rayner and Nicole Passmore. Inspired by art house cinema and a penchant for the fantastically bizarre, a Virginia Jack show features narrative longform in one location. It begins with layered, co-created characters shared by two mischievous performers who don’t even know where the beaten path is.

Get your tickets now, check out Cagematch set from December 16 on Youtube, and see you on Friday night at 10:30 pm!

The Fictionals face off with Femme Cartel and The Wedding Party at Cagematch on December 16

Are you ready to rumble – with laughter? We’re back at Instant Theatre’s Cagematch on December 16 at Havana Theatre for another comedy showdown!


Three groups enter Cagematch to showcase their unique brand of longform improv. This time we’re up against Femme Cartel and The Wedding Party, with your votes deciding who returns next week!

femme-cartelFemme Cartel is made up Allison Melech, Willow Edwards, Ellen Macnevin, Emily Bordignon and Aidia Viziru. They met in Instant Theatre’s Conservatory program and have teamed-up to continue the silliness!


Returning champs The Wedding Party are William Dunn, Tia Glenn-Cooke, Connor Langford, Robyn Roukema, Taylor Strom, and Suzi Wadge! TWP are recent graduates of Instant Theatre’s first Incubator session, and specialize in longform narratives about love and relationships.

Get your tickets now, and see you on Friday night at 10:30 pm!


The Fictionals defend Cagematch title at Instant Theatre on October 21

Round Two… FIGHT! We’re back at Instant Theatre on Friday, October 21 to defend our Cagematch Championship belt!


Cagematch is Instant Theatre’s longform improv competition! Groups from across Vancouver and within IT faceoff with original and exciting improv forms Your votes will determine each night’s winner and decide who gets to return the following week!

Daniel Chai, Alan Pavlakovic and Jamie Chrest are teaming up with Rae Lyn Carson, John Voth and Those Guys (Andrew Job and Alex Parra) to face off with the hot teams of Little Mountain Improv and Ra Power (Amy Shokstak and Joleen Ballendine)! Get your tickets now, and see you Friday night at 10:30 pm!