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Paranormal Hilarity – Live at Vancouver Halloween Expo 2014!

Hey ghosts and ghouls, The Fictionals are unleashing a brand-new Halloween improv show on Saturday, October 18th at the Vancouver Halloween Expo 2014! Paranormal Hilarity is onstage at 6pm at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, so come out in costume for a chance to win prizes, grab some candy, and experience the spooky side of funny! Plus meet the original Alien, Predator and Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files during the day!

Tickets on sale now! When you do purchase your tickets online, please use the promo code Fictionals!

Thanks and happy haunting!

Paranormal Hilarity

Five reasons to come get spooky with VAMProv

It’s getting ever-so-close to Halloween, but already the undead are lurking about. Blood-thirsty Vampires stalk about in the dark, ready to feed on unsuspecting souls. Luckily, a band of human survivors stand ready to take back this world, armed with nothing more than wit and daring. If the fate of humanity isn’t enough reason to come see VAMProv tomorrow night at Cafe Deux Soleils, here are 5 more: 

1) Come and see a comedy collaberation! VAMProv is a co-production between The Fictionals and our friends at Second Storey Theatre. As many of you know, a number of us perform regularly as part of the Second Storey ensemble, and we’ve had the pleasure of inviting many SSTers down to perform in our Pop-Up Comedy Jams, Vancouver Improv Fight Clubs and Show Us Your Wits events. In fact, the artistic director of SST – Graham Myers – created VAMProv.

2) We have a great cast of talented improvisers ready to entertain you. Representing the Vampires we have Rachelle Tomm, Sam Mitchell and Richard Meen! For the humans we have Jennifer Pielak, Alan Pavlakovic and Daniel Chai! Running the show will be Igor himself, as played by Richard Wiens.

3) There will be a COSTUME CONTEST at VAMProv! Come dressed up in your finest Halloween outfits for your chance to win some awesome prizes!
4) We will also be giving away tickets to our next Fictionals shows: Pop-Up Comedy Jam: Ladies Night on Tuesday, November 6th. Fun show + free stuff = awesome!


As always, we look forward to sharing laughter with you at Cafe Deux Soleils – 2096 Commercial Drive. Doors @ 730pm, show @ 8pm. Tickets just $5 at the door!

Much love!

~ The Fictionals

Halloween comes early to Vancouver with Vamprov

The year: 2012. The end of the world is just a few months away, but the creatures of the night are already stirring. But our brave band of survivors aren’t ready to give up yet. On Tuesday, October 30th at Cafe Deux Soleils, the fate of the world will be decided by… comedy.

Vamprov is a hilariously-spooky show where humans and vampires improvise for ultimate supremacy. A Halloween eve co-presentation by The Fictionals and Second Storey Theatre, our demented host will take you through a series of comedy challenges that
will decide who will rule our post-apocalyptic wasteland!

If you’re tired of Vancouver’s Halloween bar scene or are looking for a nice place to relax before the madness that is trick-or-treating, this show is for you! And there will be free Halloween candy!

Bonus: Prizes for best costume!

Cafe Deux Soleils – 2096 Commercial Dr.

Doors at 7:30
Show at 8:00pm
Tickets: $5 at the door

More info at www.thefictionals.com
Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

For more details on Vamprov, please visit http://www.secondstoreytheatre.com/ Vamprov created by Graham Myers