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Show Recap: Vancouver Improv Fight Club – Battle of the ‘Burbs

Last night’s amazing fight between Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos at Cafe Deux Soileils marked the debut of a few new additions to Vancouver Improv Fight Club. Not only did we launch the new “Suburbs” division of VIFC, and have our very first “Ref’s Challenge” ever, but we also saw our very first “Short Form” vs “Long Form” matchup.

The competitors from Port Coquitlam and New Westminster brought their A-Game in the hopes of being crowned champion, and accepted the challenge of playing with a last minute addition to their rosters – courtesy of Chip Ellis and Jennifer Perrin. Unscripted Chaos unleased a 20 minute set featuring a visit to the doctor because of a misplaced hamster ball, a director scene involving an Ent, and a song about beautiful eyes. Sudden Death Improv countered with scenes involving a cave with a door, running through the woods and having your clothes melt off, and catching a fish straight from the audience.

It was a hard fought match, but at the end of the fight it was Unscripted Chaos who was crowned the first ever Boss of the ‘Burbs. They will return at a future VIFC show to defend their title against another improv troupe from the suburbs.

Last but not least, many thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy Vancouver Improv Fight Club each month. Our competing teams and the Fictionals appreciate your support of live comedy in Vancouver!


Stay tuned for more pictures of the show!