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Hot Improv Tuesday

Show Shape: How to DJ your way to a rocking improv show

Improvisers are some of the most adaptable people in the world. We listen intently to our fellow performers, Yes And-ing offers and raising the stakes to create the perfect scenes about Magic 8 Balls.

11205171_813338028734428_8780438997750435798_nNow how do you carry that momentum over into your next scene and throughout your entire show? By listening to your audience and Yes And-ing their offers through the science of Show Shape.

Show Shape is being mindful of the scenes that you are performing and choosing games and scenes that will complement them. If you’re bringing up audience members for a lively Arms Expert, perhaps your next game should be character driven. If you’ve just wrapped up a scene involving a two sisters arguing over dirty dishes, the next scene should probably not have two roommates arguing over dirty dishes.
11401428_830652457002985_296854367420922055_nThe audience can be a great help in deciding what comes next. If the audience isn’t connecting with your dramatic Shakespeare scenes, mix things up with a high-energy game. And if there’s a birthday celebration or bachelorette party in the crowd, drop everything you’ve planned and invite them onstage for a Day In The Life!

11693939_841495205918710_7247407360057692744_nH/T to our friends and mentors Margret Nyfors and Graeme Duffy at Vancouver TheatreSports League for teaching me the Science of Show Shape. There’s no right or wrong way to plan out an improv show, but being flexible with your show will lead to greater success and bigger laughs. Listen, connect, and have fun out there! ~ Daniel Chai

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