Knockout Punchlines: Improv and Stand-Up Showdown returns to Yuk Yuks Vancouver on November 29 for ROUND 2!

Sixteen comedians, four random teams, and one epic showcase of Vancouver Comedy. The Fictionals are back at Yuk Yuks Vancouver on Friday, November 29 for ROUND 2 of the comedy competition: Knockout Punchlines!

Knockout Punchlines

Stand-Up Comedians: Alannah Brittany, Harris Anderson, Amber Harper-Young and Byron Bertram

Improv Comedians: Alex Gullason, William Vaughan, Kia Rae, Claire Pollock, Dan Willows, Bradley Duffy, Alan Pavlakovic, Erica Bigland, Jeff Cooper, Taylor Ray, Kai Rudell, and Graeme Duffy. Hosted by Daniel Chai

Tickets are $15 and are on sale now via Yuk Yuks Vancouver! Perfect Friday night plans for you and your friends!

The Improv and Stand-Up Showdown features the performers teaming up in new and hilarious combinations. Four stand-up comics will perform sets to inspire 12 improvisers to create scenes on the spot. The winning team – as voted on by the audience – will win the Knockout Punchlines Title Belt and the chance to come back to defend their title! Plus another edition of Innuendo Lightning Round!

Show up for the showdown and cheer on the comedians! #KnockoutPunchlines

Knockout Punchlines Poster - November 29, 2019-min