Orcadorks dive into into Vancouver Improv Fight Club on June 12 at Cafe Deux Soleils

Splish, Splash! Comedy wrath is coming to Vancouver Improv Fight Club on Tuesday, June 12 when Orcadorks take on the comedy showdown!


After roaming the seven seas for many years, four of the most intelligent and cunning apex predators on the planet – Jeff Wolverton, Allison Melech, Jordan Krahn, and Willow Edwards – have joined forces to create the ultimate improv powerhouse. Jeff, with his strong barbarian forearms; Allison, with her disarming school-girl giggle; Jordan, with his bizarre non-sequiturs; and Willow, with her fiery red passion. Together they combine into a motley squad of comedy potency that is sure to eviscerate any rivals that cross their path.

Orcadorks are facing off with Scott Antifave, Alan Pavlakovic, Kia Rae, Alex Gullason and Travis Bernhardt for VIFC Gold, and the audience will decide who the winner is!

Come enjoy #HardcoreHilarity on Tuesday, June 12 at Cafe Deux Soleils! Doors at 7:30 pm, action starts at 8 pm. Tickets just $7 or $5 for students.

Vancouver Improv Fight Club