The Fictionals team-up with UBC Improv for Frost Fest 2018 on January 15

Looking for a cool way to kick off the new semester and year? Join us for Vancouver Improv Fight Club: Campus Collision at the University of British Columbia on Monday, January 15 featuring UBC Improv!

The Fictionals at UBC Frost Fest 2018

Frost Fest by UBC Alma Mater Society is a wonderful welcome week back for second semester. Rekindle with friends and fellow students after a long finals and winter break with a fun series of events, including Vancouver Improv Fight Club in the Nest Performance Theatre on January 15!

Campus Collision features Sid Krishnan, Nick Pro, Mo Mahamoor, Laura Reynolds and Jana Rankov facing off with John Voth, Rae Lynn Carson and Andrew Job in a battle of Knockout Punchlines, with the audience deciding the victor at the end of the match! Hardcore hilarity to start your 2018? Yes Let’s!

Doors at 6:30 pm, show starts at 7 pm, and tickets are just $5! Come on down!

The Fictionals at UBC Frost Fest 2018 - Nest Performance Theatre