Arms Akimbo takes on Vancouver Improv Fight Club on September 12 at Cafe Deux Soleils

Cafe Deux Soleils transforms into Vancouver Improv Fight Club on Tuesday, September 12 when comedy troupe Arms Akimbo rolls onto Commercial Drive!

Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo- Akimbo is a human position in which the hands are on the hip and the elbows are bent outward or bent or bowed. This Zippy Zany troupe is comprised of Jessie Marie, Michael Sousa, Lisa Quinn and Bryan Clark! The group met and continues to jam throughout various workshops/classes all around Vancouver, including VTSL, Instant Theatre, QueerProv and Blind Tiger.

A mysterious troupe with a zany mission: to capture VIFC gold! But in order for them to do that, they will have to get through the quintet of Jullian Kolstee, Jennifer Pielak, Julia Helen Church, Jeff Cooper and DK Reinemer!

Who will win in the comedy showdown at Cafe Deux Soleils? Join us on September 12 to decide for yourself. Doors at 7:30 pm, action starts at 8 pm. Tickets just $7 or $5 for students.

Vancouver Improv Fight Club