The Fictionals team-up with The Radical for Improv Voltron on April 7 at The Heritage Grill

Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected. Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go!

We’re honoured to be the special guests of The Radical for Improv Voltron on April 7 at The Heritage Grill! The Radical are Gregory Milne, Theo Francon, Amanda Jane Porter, Emily Bordignon, Abdullah Wasfi and Taizo Ellis! They’re past Vancouver Improv Fight Club champs, have competed at Instant Theatre’s Cagematch, and some of the funniest people around!

The Radical

Onstage with The Fictionals are Daniel Chai, Alan Pavlakovic, Allison Melech, Carrie Hunter, Rachelle Lachland and Erica Bigland! You’ll see both teams perform their own solo improv showcases, then at the end of the night, both groups will come together for special Ask Me Anything jam! So come on down, enjoy some great food, drinks and a whole lot of laughs!

Improv Voltron: The Radical x The Fictionals goes down at The Heritage Grill (447 Columbia Street, New Westminster) on Friday, April 7th. Doors at 7:30 pm, show at 8 pm, and tickets just $7 cash at the door. Venue is All Ages, Show is PG-13.

Improv Voltron