Fan Expo Vancouver: Test your Comedy Might with The Fictionals’ Improv Mixer

Hey Fan Expo Fans! We’re excited to announce a special Improv Mixer on Sunday, November 13 at 3:30 pm in Meeting Room 1! This is your opportunity to try improv comedy in a fun and welcoming environment, plus perform onstage at Fan Expo Vancouver!

The Open Challenge

No experience is necessary to participate in The Fictionals’ Improv Mixer! A group warmup will be directed by Daniel Chai, then participants drawn from a bucket will get to try comedy games they may have seen on Whose Line Is It Anyways or at a live Fictionals show!

Then stick around for our Improvised Adventures of Fan Expo Vancouver at 4:30 pm! Comedy inspired by this year’s convention, a round of Boom! Pow!, and sweet prizes to give away!


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