Five Year Anniversary: The Highlight Reel! (Pt. 1)

Thanks to everyone who came to the Rio Theatre this week to help us celebrate our Five Year Anniversary! We ate birthday cake with the sold-out crowd, crowned Vancouver’s Most Horrible Person, and made new memories as we head into the new year!

To celebrate our comedy milestone, we asked members of The Fictionals to share a favourite Fictional highlight. Here is what some players have said:

Barbara Beall: Oh, there are so many! I remember a Cafe Deux Soleils show where our team endowed someone as being Medusa. One person made one snake, then another, and without talking about it everyone picked up on the offer and *boom* Medusa came to life. It was incredible!

Fictionals 2015-01-21 058

Scott Antifave: One favourite memory is the first time performing Improv Against Humanity at The Rio Theatre. There was an intense rush when I stepped in front of those 420 people at the Rio and thinking to myself, “Holy shit, these people all paid to be here, and it’s up to us to deliver a solid, funny show.”

Sarah Dawn Pledge: I have had many grateful moments performing with The Fictionals, but one that happened offstage takes the cake. A girl ran up to me outside of a nightclub and yelled, ” I watched the universe revolve around your vagina!” I said, “Actually it was my clitoris, but yes that happened, with my family sitting in the front row.” She laughed, told me I was funny, and ran back inside yelling how funny my clitoris was to random passerbys. I’ll treasure this moment’s randomness always!


Brad Rossington: Other than the wonderful friendships I have formed, I appreciate the diversity of shows we get to do. We’ve had many opportunities to perform in different venues as well as for audiences of specialized interests.

Dan Dumsha: One of my favorite memories is when Denise Jones from Vancouver TheatreSports League came to play in Improv Against Humanity at the Rio and we did a scene about robot slaves where she was my girlfriend. The rest of the players were robot slaves and turned against me as Denise watched in horror. It was a special group mind moment and the crowd went nuts. We have amazing scenes in every hot show.

Highlight Reel Pt. 2 coming soon! Until then, come help us make more memories at Hot Improv Tuesdays and Improv Against Humanity.