Hot Improv Tuesdays at CDS: Fall Lineup Preview!

The Fictionals are back at Cafe Deux Soleils on Tuesday, September 1st, and we’re rolling out a Fall Lineup guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Hot Improv Tuesday is bringing back some classics. introducing some new favourites, and we hope you’ll come experience them all!

First Tuesday of the month: Pop-Up Comedy Jam. We invite our friends from different improv troupes around Vancouver to come perform with us! You never know who’s going to drop by!

Pop-Up Comedy Jam

Second Tuesday of the month: Vancouver Improv Fight Club. Some of the city’s toughest comedians battle it out in the Cafe Deux Soleils cage for the chance to hold the VIFC Title Belt, with the audience deciding the champions.

Vancouver Improv Fight Club

Third Tuesday of the month: r/improv. We search for the secrets of the universe via the wide world of Reddit, plus your chance to get to know The Fictionals in Improv AMA.
Reddit Improv

Fourth Tuesday of the month: Knockout Punchlines – The Quiplash Comedy Show! This brand new event is audience powered, so bring your smartphones and tablets to play in our live Quiplash tournament! Note: must have your own data plan or ShawOpen access.

Knockout Punchlines Quiplash Comedy

All that plus the return of Improv Against Humanity to the Rio Theatre on Wednesday, September 16! This fall is going to get funny, and we hope you come along for the ride! ~ Daniel Chai

Hot Improv Tuesday Fall Lineup