The Fictionals & Super Fight Club at Anime Revolution 2015!

Catch The Fictionals Comedy Co. at Anime Revolution with Super Fight Club on August 15th alongside some of our favourite debaters, podcasters and improvisers! TEAM-UP TIME!

Presented by The Fictionals and Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver, Super Fight Club is a Live & Unsanctioned fan show featuring the hit card game Superfight! Our panelists will battle it out in the ring using only their wits and words!

With special guests from The League of Manchildren, Caustic Soda: The Podcast, VTSL Rookie League, Blind Tiger House Team, Table 23, The Radical Improv and Off Key Improv.

SFC runs 4-5pm in Ballroom A & B at Vancouver Convention Centre on August 15th. More info on AR at