Comedy & Collaboration: Why we love our #ImprovFamily.

“Family isn’t an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox

You may have noticed that we have been using the hashtag #ImprovFamily more frequently on Instagram and Twitter. Other than another # in the sea of social media, why is this one so very dear to us?

To us, the Improv Family means knowing your roots. When we started performing as a troupe in 2010, we were lucky to have mentors from Urban Improv, Vancouver TheatreSports League and Instant Theatre guide us with workshops and performance opportunities. Now we have the pleasure of hosting improvisers from groups across Vancouver at our shows, including Improv Fight Club and Improv Against Humanity.

Hot Improv TuesdaysOur Improv Family extends beyond the world of comedy too. Over the past five years, we’ve shared stages with burlesque dancers, comic book artists, slam poets, and even professional wrestler in our Improv X series. Most recently we’ve teamed up with our friends Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver for a new show called Super Fight Club that debuted at Northwest Fan Fest. Even Portland’s The Doubleclicks joined in the fun.

11390006_823131871088377_8823457452427382085_nOne of the best perks of being an improviser is having family to visit all over the world. We have been lucky to make friends with performers from Bellingham, Los Angeles, and as far away as Seoul, South Korea. We’ve even had a chance to visit EpicLloyd of Epic Rap Battles of History at the Westside Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica!

10420284_832298923505005_6643039666417422587_nMost importantly, we are inspired to celebrate our Improv Family because of you, our audience. You are the reason why this is still so much fun, from your great suggestions during a show to bringing new friends to laugh with us! We could not do this without you, so thank you for being part of our Improv Family. ~ Daniel Chai

Fictionals 2015-02-17 1250-bwLet’s keep growing this amazing community! Use the hashtag #ImprovFamily the next time you’re at a show, workshop, or hanging out with your favourite improviser! And follow us on Twitter and Instagram while you’re at it!

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