Fan Expo Vancouver: A celebration of everything fun, fandom and Fictionals!

Hey Fan Expo Vancouver fans, thanks very much for making the 2015 edition a fantastic weekend for The Fictionals! We thoroughly enjoyed performing our Improv Against Humanity and Improvised Adventures of Fan Expo shows to amazing, interactive crowds. We got so much awesome feedback in person at the Expo, and online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! The Fictionals are seriously blessed with some of the best fans in the world!

We also loved all of the epic Cosplay throughout the weekend. Beautiful Tardises, Menacing Deadpools, and even a life-size Piranha Plant from Super Mario! Bravo to everyone showcasing their talents!

Last but not least, shoutouts to our great prize sponsors: Arcana Studio, Big Pete’s Comics and Collectibles, Fortress Geek, GameDeals, Northwest Fan Fest, and West Coast Geeks versus Nerds! We always love giving away swag to people giving us their laughs and love. Win-Win!

We look forward to seeing you at our regular shows around Vancouver: Hot Improv Tuesdays at Cafe Deux Soleils, and Improv Against Humanity: Live and Unsanctioned at the Vogue Theatre! And of course we’ll be back at Fan Expo Vancouver 2016!

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