Improv Against Humanity is GO!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Fictionals have finally received official word that we can share with you our latest and largest improv endeavour.

We are very proud to present: Improv Against Humanity – The Interactive Comedy Show for Horrible People!

Our Daniel Chai was inspired to create the show after playing Cards Against Humanity (CAH) with friends and realizing the similarities between the party game and improvised theatre: there is individual and teamwork play, many hilarious suggestions and topics that people can be inspired by, and lots of room for creativity.

Daniel wrote to Cards Against Humanity and ran the idea by the creators. Here is their response:

“This is totally fine with us… you’re making a new creative product based on our game, which is awesome.”

We are still working on finalizing the format of Improv Against Humanity, but it will feature lots of interaction (just like the card game). Audience members are encouraged to bring their own copies of CAH to play along with our performers, and there will be prizes for best suggestions, winning card, and best team play too!

The debut performance for Improv Against Humanity is slated for Tuesday, November 20th at Cafe Deux Soleils, but please stay tuned for updates on the show in the meantime. And of course, come and check out all our other Fictionals’ comedy offerings: Pop-Up Comedy Jam, Vancouver Improv Fight Club and Show Us Your WIts – the Improv & Burlesque Extravaganza!

For more info on Cards Against Humanity, please visit


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