Making their way to the VIFC ring: Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos

Just a few more days until Vancouver Improv Fight Club: Battle of the Burbs next Tuesday (March 13th) at Cafe Deux Soleils! Ahead of the match, we sat down with Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos to get to know our competitors a little better. Here is a little bit of what each team had to say:

What is your motivational improv mantra

SDI: “Shut up and do it, jerk!”

UC: “Do it exactly how we rehearsed.”

Each group at Vancouver Improv Fight Club has their own fighting style; how would you describe yours?

SDI: “Silent but violent.”

UC: “Disgruntled Homeless man.”

Do you have any words of warning for your opponent at Battle of the Burbs?


UC: “Bullets hurt; our jokes kill.”

As you can see, it’s going to be a tough match between Sudden Death Improv and Unscripted Chaos. To read the rest of the interviews, click here.

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